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The Pantone Color of The Year 2018 Fall Winter Collection. Follow the color trend of Evening gown wi

New Collection of 2018 Fall Winter already arrived in SBB!

Pantone Color of 2018 Fall Winter Collection: Blue Grey A grayish blue with grayish-blue color, based on a long-sleeve wedding gown design which showed more noble.

踏入 10 月,Something Borrowed Bridal 秋冬晚裝已悄悄上架喇。

2018 秋冬流行的 5 大顏色:灰藍色 (Blue Gray)


Pantone Color of 2018 Fall Winter Collection: Nebulas Gray Nebulas Gray representing low profile but stylish, which is easy carry.

2018 秋冬流行的 5 大顏色:星雲灰 (Nebulas Gray)


Pantone Color of 2018 Fall Winter Collection: Taro Taro is the most popular pantone color of fall winter 2018. It representing style of fashion and young.

Taro with the layered design, especially elegant temperament.

2018 秋冬流行的 5 大顏色:粉芋色 (Taro)

本季最受歡迎的晚裝,粉芋色系絕對是眾多新娘子的首選 - 它表現出時尚、年輕,配合立體而富有層次感的獨特剪裁,帶出有別於傳統色系的優雅氣質。

Pantone Color of 2018 Fall Winter Collection: Starry Blue The second season of Shiny Series, addition of layered design showed more personal and unique.

2018 秋冬流行的 5 大顏色:星空藍 (Starry Blue)

延續上半年度的趨勢,星空藍依然是 2018 秋冬的寵兒!今次設計下擺裙充滿層次感,打造優雅知性的感覺,是不敗的顏色。

2018 秋冬流行的 5 大顏色:粉紅香檳 (Pink Champagne)


Pantone Color of 2018 Fall Winter Collection: Ballet Champagne A combination of classic shoulder straps and ballet concept which about fantasy. Satin binding with ruffle design specific represented the romance of girls.

2018 秋冬流行的 5 大顏色:芭蕾香檳 (Ballet Champagne)


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Photo by Blancs Production and wedding magazine


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