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"I am fascinated by the integration of creativity and technicality put into the process of designing a gown" states Tarik Ediz.

Having graduated from college as an engineer, Tarik Ediz has successfully combined his mathematically gifted mind, with his love for fashion. He ventured into the world of fashion by following his heart and mind in 1987.

Every single Tarik Ediz dress is manufactured in his atelier in İstanbul, under his watchful eye. Every dress manufactured is a show of skillful craftsmanship and skillful tailoring. His unique designs and outstanding quality has carried Tarik Ediz from Istanbul to the international arena.

Tarik Ediz now operates in 5 continents and over 95 countries. The company attends trade shows all over the world and proudly represents the sultry style of Tarik Ediz women.

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