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Western Style Shooting in Hong Kong︳香港拍攝出西方唯美感的神秘地點

The Summer Vibe collection of bridal gown are born from happiness, laughter. And LOVE. With a meticulous desire to perfect the details. They brought a fresh, new view of bridal apparel to the market with an air of romance and a vintage nostalgia.

On days when I feel like I need some inspiration, I always turn to the outdoors and the little details in life that we usually pass by in the rush of the daily grind. I stop to notice the leaves falling, to savour the fresh morning air, and to admire the smiles from random people around me. Today’s inspiration comes from all the romantic details of this outdoor editorial. The location was perfect–from the billowing greens, to the soft dusk light that kissed the shore–and the bride-to-be was clad in stunning, lace-filled attires from Something Borrowed Bridal. Noteworthy as well are the hair accessories that framed her entire ensemble. Really, if you stop to take a closer look, you’ll see that everything around you is inspirational! Thank you, MiLa Story, for filling our day with all this beauty!

Behind the scene

Gowns Something Borrowed Bridal / Photography MilaStory / HMUA Chi Chi Makeup - Angel / Bouquet & Floral Design Fiori Florals /Location Waterfall Bay

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